R afting is now gaining popularity in Bhutan and we can now easily incorporate a rafting experience in your private tour package.

Please ensure your travel insurance policy covers you for rafting before you purchase this product. Not all insurance now covers adventure activities.

Bhutan offers some beautiful rivers with immense rafting possibilities although as of September 2012 only the Punakha Valley has rafting facilities available for casual raft trips despite what you may read in some guide books.

While in the Punakha Valley have some fun with the Grade 1 & 2 gentler rapids of the Mo Chhu (mother river) or take on the Pho Chhu (father river) challenges with its grade 4 rapids.

March till October are the ideal months.

Druk Rafting Service has a set of well-trained, experienced & entertaining river guides who have been studying these rivers for many years. Your safety is our concern and Druk rafting services have been certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and holds a license from the Royal Govt. of Bhutan with full safety issues taken into consideration.